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Comprehensive list of contractors in Dodge City, KS offering heating systems installation, maintenance and repair services.

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Weber Refrigeration & Heating is your one stop source for Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration, Ice Machines, and more. Money Saving Tips Insulate between your rim joists in your basement or crawl space. We find many homes with no insulation here at all. Install a programmable thermostat to change your settings when the home or building is empty or you are sleeping.

Have you had you Air Conditioning system serviced for the summer? Give us a call to arrange a preventative maintenance service call. Give us a call, we can get things moving. Energy Saving Tips Clean or replace furnace filter regularly. A dirty filter will lower airflow and cause equipment to run at reduced levels. Keep furniture, carpet, and other objects away from vents.

The Glassman name has served the heating & cooling requirements of Western Kansas domestic and commercial clients for more than sixty years. Today, Glassman Corporation is serving the 2nd and 3rd generations of many of those clients. Why do people continue to turn to Glassman Corporation for their indoor comfort requirements? Glassman promises service after the sale.

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Pestinger Heating & Air Conditioning., constantly strives to supply our clients with the right product at the highest price while maintaining a consistently higher level of client service than any of our competitors. This is accomplished by maintaining the highest professional standards in conjunction with investment in regularly continuing education for our whole team, and state-of-the-art technology,

Buying a new home may be the largest investment you will ever make. Although the process is very exciting it speedily becomes overwhelming. Having your new home professionally inspected by Boesker Home Inspection and Boesker Plumbing Heating and Electric Corp. as early as possible in the buying process can save you 1000's of dollars on items which you may be capable to have the seller or builder correct.

Dan's Heating and Cooling is the combination of three firms in one. Dan's Heating and Cooling combined with Delbert Crowl Co. in 1995, and in May of 1998 Oxler Heating & Air Conditioning joined our staff. We now have an outstanding firm with 82 years of combined experience. We are now better equipped than ever to supply all of your climate control requirements.

We're a family run business that was set up in 1962. We run our business with the principles of honesty, integrity, and quality workmanship. We provide a complete line of heating & cooling equipment that is manufactured by the finest names in the business. Our employees are continually attending the most current training classes to keep up on this ever changing field.