Niehoff/Dunco is a premier supplier of quality comfort systems, client-oriented and professional technical services. We provide a comprehensive range of heating, cooling, zone control and indoor air quality components that will make your environment more enjoyable and safe. Niehoff/Dunco has been servicing the heating & cooling requirements of Northeastern Kansas since 1986.

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  City Baldwin City, KS
  Zip Code 66006
  Phone Number (785) 594-7137

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We sell and install York home comfort products, which are built by Kansans, and installed by Kansans.

What it does: Uses a high-efficiency air filter media to catch 99% of pollen and spores and 60% of all particles that pass through your HVAC system. What it does: Adds moisture to your entire home's conditioned air through your heating and cooling system's ductwork. What it does: UV lights are used to clean the air in hospitals, schools, day care centers, restaurants and hotels. The high-intensity UV-C bulb kills microorganisms that cycle through a home's HVAC system.

Financing is a convenient way to pay for a new heating and cooling system or an unexpected repair that could break your monthly budget.