Lakes Heating and Air Conditioning., a family run firm, has been serving NE Ohio for the last three decades. Started by Brian Cuthbert in 1974, his experience enables him to solve any of your heating, cooling, or general comfort problems. That experience is being passed down to all of his three children, who are working for Lakes.

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  City Akron, OH
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  Address 2476 North Turkeyfoot Road
  Phone Number (330) 644-7811

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Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning is proud of our heritage and our honest work ethic. As a family business with over 45 years of HVAC experience in the Canton, OH and the Akron, OH region, we know that our work and our commitment to service will meet and even exceed your expectations. Our professionally trained HVAC technicians can diagnose and service all makes and models of heating & cooling systems. As a proud dealer of Armstrong Air, Mitsubishi Electric & Lennox products, we can replace and install new heating & air conditioning systems in your home that utilizes cutting edge technology to help cut down on your energy costs.

A snow melt system is an automated system that is built into an exterior surface with the purpose of preventing snow and ice buildup. These systems are generally installed under the surface of concrete or asphalt and radiate heat above the melting point. Our Snow melt systems are hydronic based and can be its own system or tie into an existing hydronic heating system. Snow melt systems must be installed with the construction of the surface, it is not possible to retrofit this type of system. A hydronic snow melt system uses a series of thermal tubing loops installed inside a concrete or asphalt surface.

Your home's heating and air conditioning system circulates air from all over your house which includes air that sneaks in or out through cracks in your ductwork. This air is dust filled and may also contain mold or bacteria particles from damp areas of the house. If you have pets, pet dander also finds its way into your air system and circulates odors and dust to every part of the home. Not only does this air leave your home dusty, it can also cause respiratory issues for some and increase allergies for others.

We have the capacity to install in residential buildings along with small to medium sized commercial buildings, and more! If you are a housing developer looking for an HVAC installer, contact us today with questions or any other inquiries. We have the ability to design different layouts and schematics while meeting customer conditions amongst different heating and cooling technologies such as forced air, geothermal, radiant heat, and more. This process helps us determine the correct materials necessary to make sure our job is done right and the people we are working with are not put behind schedule.

Radiant heating and cooling is a process that uses temperature controlled surfaces to transfer heat to a space. This is typically done by having a thermal tubing inside a surface that transfers heat to the space. In a Radiant system, we may have a single heating unit that distributes heat to multiple heated panels or areas with thermal tubing. On average, a radiant system is 30% more efficient than an equivalent air system. For users with a geothermal system or a solar water heater, a radiant system can be used in conjunction to increase savings and efficiency.

A humidifier is used to raise the humidity level inside your home by adding moisture to the air. The unit is attached to your home's furnace system and uses the same blower to circulate air around the house. Having the proper interior humidity creates a healthier and more comfortable living space. Proper humidity can go a long way for protecting your house and keeping you healthier. Everything in the house is affected by moisture from the wood flooring to paintings on the wall. When the air is too dry it can act like a giant sponge, soaking up moisture from everyone and everything.

The furnace is arguably the most important piece to a home heating and air conditioning system. Not only does the furnace heat the house when it is too cold, the fan system in the furnace is used to circulate the air for the air conditioning as well. The year year-round use and reliance on the unit it means it is crucial to select the proper unit for your home. A single stage system is the most basic system and refers to the amount of heat output of the furnace unit. A single stage furnace means the furnace only has one operating output.

In the typical duct system, 20-30% of the air that's supposed to blow through your vents is escaping through cracks and holes in your air ducts. You could be wastefully heating and cooling areas like your attic, crawl space, and even behind walls. When you contract with Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. You can rely on our ability to install an effective HVAC system that delivers cooling and heat without any energy loss. Air loss in ducts cannot only make you feel uncomfortable in your home but increase your utility expenses each month.