A Tradition of Comfort Being in the heating & cooling business since 1962, Interstate Heating is committed to delivering the highest possible total indoor weather solution for you and your family. You can rely on us to supply you with a system and solution that fits your family's unique requirements. If we do not supply what you need and want, we are not doing our job.

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With health concerns growing every day, homeowners are searching for ways to keep their families safe. A whole-home air purification system from SecureAire could be the answer you're looking for-these units can capture, inactivate, and kill up to 99 percent of pathogens floating around your house, including viruses, bacteria, and mold. Want to learn more? There's a reason Interstate Heating is the HVAC company home builders and homeowners trust for comfort without compromise. For over 55 years, we've offered straight-forward service and a full range of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality options by expert technicians.

Boiler heating systems offer superior comfort and steady warmth, making it easy to see why so many Waukesha, Sussex, and Menomonee Falls residents rely on them. If you're among the homeowners who use a boiler heating system-or think it might be the right choice for your home-turn to the trusted NATE-certified technicians from Interstate Heating for exceptional selection, installation, maintenance, and repairs. A boiler (also known as a hydronic heating system) uses either hot water or steam, which is moved through pipes to radiators located inside the home.

Furnaces and air conditioners can provide years of comfort for your home or business, if you provide annual maintenance. Regular service of these important systems is the key to reliable operation and fewer repairs, so don't wait until you have a break down to call Interstate Heating. We're experts at installing heating and cooling systems, but we're also the area's best HVAC maintenance and repair team. And because we believe in preventing problems-not just fixing them-so we offer maintenance agreements that make it easy to plan and pay for ongoing service.

When your furnace isn't working properly, you want someone you can trust to fix it fast. Whether it's a minor issue caught during a routine maintenance check or an emergency repair, you can trust the NATE-certified technicians at Interstate Heating to get your heat back on ASAP. Notice any of the above red flags? Give Interstate a call and ask about our Residential Maintenance Agreement. Like your vehicle, your home heating and cooling systems need regular maintenance to ensure reliable performance.

Believe it or not, your indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. Dust, dirt, and even viruses and bacteria get kicked up into the air during daily living, and they circulate through your house until you eventually breathe them in. A home air cleaner or purifier from Interstate Heating can help reduce indoor pollutants and boost your health at home. Learn more about these indoor air quality products below, then call 262-246-4772 to get the best air cleaner for your home. A home air cleaner is an advanced and efficient filtration system.

Ultraviolet (UV) lights are great for making you look tan, but they're just as effective in helping you reduce pollution inside your own home. When installed as part of your heating and cooling systems, these lights can ward off bacteria, viruses, and other nasty airborne contaminants. The pros at Interstate Heating are here to help you learn how HVAC UV lights can enhance your indoor air quality and benefit your health and comfort-call 262-246-4772. These units are designed to mimic sunlight to kill mold, bacteria, and similar microorganisms that grow in your inner HVAC coils.

What began in a garage in 1962-with Gordy and John Cole's commitment to offering honest, high quality HVAC service-continues today at Interstate Heating in Sussex. We've grown to offer the latest heating, cooling, and air quality products, and our service area now covers all of southeastern Wisconsin. We are three generations strong and still follow the most basic rule of business: we treat our customers the way we want to be treated. And we know that comfort is a big part of what makes a house a home, so we make it easier to create and care for an ideal environment.

A heat pump is essentially an air conditioner that can both heat and cool a house. A simple explanation of this technology is that a heat pump extracts heat from the air outside and transfers it into your home. In many cases, it can do this much more efficiently than a gas or oil furnace. In summer, when you want to cool things down, the process reverses, and heat energy is absorbed in your house and released outside. Heat pumps can provide whole-home comfort or room-by-room temperature control as part of a ductless split system.