With more than 12 years in the heating & cooling business, Grizzle Heating & Air. is committed to delivering the highest possible care for you and your family. You can rely on us to supply you with a system and solution that fits your family's unique requirements and since we've installed many systems in this area, we've gained a reputation for doing the job right the 1st time.

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  City Canyon, TX
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  Address 112 North Fifteenth Str
  Phone Number (806) 655-7676

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At Grizzle Heating & Air, we pride ourselves on upholding an outstanding company culture. Our mission is to take care of our customers and treat them well. We do this from the ground up - by building a dependable staff with superior character. The qualities we strive for as an HVAC contractor and look for in our technicians are honesty, respect, integrity, and quality. Many of our technicians are certified by the North American Technician Excellence organization and all of our technicians demonstrate technical excellence in everything they do.

There's simply no reason to sizzle through a Texas summer when you can call Grizzle instead. Providing air conditioning service to the Amarillo, Canyon and Hereford areas since 1998, we are committed to keeping you cool inside no matter how hot it gets outdoors. As a Bryant™ Factory Authorized Dealer, our commitment to excellent air conditioning products is unwavering. We are your one-stop resource for all your needs, from air conditioning installation and maintenance to repairs, we do it all at a price that's fair and competitive.

Your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, or other climate control systems work hard throughout the year to keep you comfortable and they endure plenty of wear and tear in the process. If left unchecked, that wear and tear can lower energy efficiency, shorten the lifespan of your HVAC systems, and lead to expensive repairs and early replacements. There's only one way to prevent those problems from happening, and that's with good, professional HVAC maintenance. That's where Grizzle Heating & Air's HVAC maintenance plans come in.

You probably already know dust, dirt, and hair can accumulate inside your home's air ducts. There can also be an accumulation of bacteria, viruses, pet dander, and pollen. This invisible debris circulating through your home can have various effects on your health, from short term allergies to more serious, long-term illnesses. Grizzle Heating & Air is proud to offer Tulia, Hereford TX and the surrounding areas with professional duct cleaning service. Our technicians will thoroughly clean each component of your duct system throughout your home.

At Grizzle Heating & Air, we're dedicated to providing Canyon area residents with the right heating and cooling solutions to meet their needs. For those who want powerful heating and cooling that's also energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, geothermal heat pumps are often ideal. By taking advantage of the stable temperatures deep inside the earth, a geothermal system can provide highly efficient cooling no matter how hot a Texas summer gets. This same system delivers reliable heating when those temperatures drop down low, too.

Grizzle Heating & Air has been serving light commercial customers throughout Amarillo, Canyon, and surrounding areas since 1998. We offer expertise in a wide range of commercial systems with dedicated staff to ensure ongoing operational efficiency and minimal downtime. We provide full-service HVAC repair and maintenance, including 24-hour emergency service. Our commercial maintenance programs can keep your building operating costs low and ensure you get the most from this asset. Using our high-efficiency HVAC and air filtration systems, you'll use less energy, cut down on utility costs and work in comfortable interior spaces year-round.

There's nothing like a great heating system to help your family get through the winter months and at Grizzle Heating & Air, we're dedicated to helping our friends and neighbors stay warm with great heating services. As full-service heating contractors, we have all the products you need to keep your home warm no matter how frosty it gets outside. From furnaces to boilers to heat pumps, we're fully qualified to repair and maintain all makes and models. You can depend on us to keep your family warm at a price you can afford.

At Grizzle Heating & Air, we want to help you save money on your energy bills and prevent any sudden system failures by sharing our collective knowledge with you. For that purpose, we have compiled the most common HVAC questions in the FAQ list below. If you can't find the issue you are looking for, you can check out our blog or pick our brain at any time by contacting us. The SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is how the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment is measured. The SEER is the amount of cooling your system will deliver per dollar spent on electricity, as compared to other systems.