Why you should choose First Class as your HVAC supplier. Our firm has a strong foundation built on integrity and honesty. We have been serving your friends and family for over forty years and pride ourselves on having the very highest employees a firm can have, starting from our office straight to your job site.

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If you're currently seeking one of the most reliable HVAC companies for residential HVAC service, you can't do any better than First Class HVAC. Located in Millsboro, Delaware, our experienced team of professionals is devoted to providing each and every one of our clients with the highest quality HVAC replacement, with a personal touch. Having served our community for over four decades, our HVAC company takes pride in having the most skilled professionals and HVAC contractors in the region. When you schedule us to visit your home, you can count on receiving exceptional craftsmanship and fast service from friendly professionals who care.

If you are experiencing Any symptoms of water contamination or hardness, or just want reassurance that your water is safe, call us today to receive a free water test. The tests include indicators for bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrites/nitrates, chlorine, hardness, and pH. Smells can range from manure to metalic and this is the #1 sign that your water needs to be tested and/or treated promptly. Metallic or salty tasting water is also an important sign of issue, but also, if you do notice a slight metallic taste, please refrain from drinking until your water has been tested and/or treated as this can be due to arsenic or other dangerous materials in your water.

A boiler is a closed vessel that is able to heat water or other fluids such as natural gas, propane, oil or electric to fuel another heating system. A good, reliable boiler is a very durable, long-lasting heating solutions for your home. A boiler does not necessarily boil the fluid inside but rather, it heats it. The heated water is then circulated into under-floor tubing, radiators, or to a heat exchanger. Radiators and baseboard heaters use the water supplied from a boiler to heat rooms by radiation and convection.

For most people, controlling the temperature in your home is a year round concern. The summer brings air conditioning, and the winter sends you running to the heater. This takes up a great chunk of your overall energy costs, even in rather temperate climates like Delaware and Maryland. A heat pump can be a great option if you live in an area that doesn't drop below freezing very often. Contact us today if you have any questions about our heat pump products or services. We'd love to hear from you.

Residents who are in need of heating system repair in Sussex County, Wicomico County, Kent County, Worcester County, or other nearby areas can rely on First Class, a professional heating repair company. For more than four decades, our team at First Class has been the leader among home heating repair companies throughout Maryland and Delaware. We service and install a broad range of makes and models of home-based heating systems, as well as larger commercial installations. Heat Pumps - Distinct from most other heating options, heat pumps move heat from cooler places to warmer ones within the home.