Why would Fahnestock give you a free furnace? Simple - as an incentive to buy an air conditioning unit at a time you wouldn't normally even think about keeping cool. So buy your air conditioning now and be comfy cozy all winter long with your new, money saving furnace. When you want it all to work.

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  City Wichita, KS
  Zip Code 67226
  Address 3532 North Comotara St
  Phone Number (316) 943-4328

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Fahnestock has been the trusted Residential and Commercial heating system specialist in Wichita since 1946. We are experts on installing, servicing and repairing furnaces, boilers and heat pumps. We are also the only installer of hydronic radiant floor heating in Wichita. Our service technicians are standing by to assist you seven days a week to keep you warm and comfortable. View and schedule our services below or contact us today for immediate assistance. When winter comes around, we rely on our home or business's heating system to keep climates warm and comfortable.

Geothermal systems use the stored energy in the earth to heat and cool your home. About 6 feet below the surface the ground temperature remains constant year-round. In the summer time, this ground is much cooler than the air. Less electricity is required to cool your home using the ground than trying to cool your home with the already hot outdoor air. The process is reversed in the winter to provide efficient heating. Instead of burning fuel or converting electricity directly to heat, a geothermal system uses a small amount of electricity to move stored heat from the ground back into your home.