One of the main aims of this web page is to supply potential geothermal heat pump users and dealers a complete mini-course on geothermal heating technology and up-to-date information about state-of-the-art products, methods, equipment, and services available in the geothermal energy industry today.

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Sunteq, Ltd. was founded in 1978 as an HVAC contractor by G. Daniel Woodring, a chemical and mechanical researcher who was issued patents for inventions in 1966 and 1971 for chemical processes involving heat exchange. In 1981 we installed our first geothermal heat pump and by 1982 we were building some units. But, because of the intensive man hour requirements to manufacture units, we returned to purchasing geothermal heat pump units from other manufacturers. But in 1989 we felt that the geothermal equipment market availability was too limited and we returned to building many of our own units.