For over 40 years, Dr. Energy Saver Central Virginia Owner Cris Myers has been a prominent figure in the home construction and renovation business. Throughout these past decades, Cris has built numerous houses and commercial structures that meet the rigid standards held by ENERGY STAR®. With that conviction and dedication to our customers, we have expanded our services as CSB, Inc. to include energy retro-fitting as a Dr. Energy Saver dealer in the Greater Charlottesville, Virginia area.

As your premiere Dr. Energy Saver dealer in the Central VA area, our team of certified home professionals aim to not just identify the energy and comfort problems within your home, but we also provide the solutions! After thorough training and experience, we understand that each home deserves a unique solution that truly meets its unique inner workings. You can trust that you’ll feel and see the difference!

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  City Orange, VA
  Zip Code 22960
  Address 258 Madison Road
  Phone Number (888) 687-8709


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Contact Dr. Energy Saver® for our comprehensive home energy checkup, covering the 10 Vital Signs of your home's energy efficiency. We'll show you the best way to save energy in your home, what you should do first, why you should do it first, and how much you'll save!

Is your house making you sick? Are you worried about the harmful effects of indoor air pollution? Indoor air pollution is a hazard that can easily go unnoticed until family members develop symptoms like frequent colds, severe allergies and/or respiratory ailments. Although medical doctors can treat the symptoms caused by SBS (see sidebar) or indoor air pollution; without addressing the indoor air quality (IAQ) issues in the home, health symptoms are likely to come back - or never actually go away.

From heating system repairs, including furnaces and boilers, to replacing your inefficient heating system, contact Dr. Energy Saver Central Virginia for prompt and professional service. To keep your furnace or boiler running efficiently and prevent expensive repair costs, regular service and maintenance is necessary. We offer comprehensive tune-ups for all heating system makes and models. It's important to call a professional when you notice a problem with your heating system. Delaying service or repair can result in more expensive damage to your furnace or boiler.

Here at Dr. Energy Saver Central Virginia, our skilled technicians can diagnose your air conditioning system and provide the right services to prolong the life of your cooling system and keep your home comfortable. We provide repair and maintenance services for all brands and models of central and ductless air conditioners. To schedule your air conditioning system inspection and tune-up, call us today! We also provide free, up-front estimates for air conditioning replacement and installation. Proper maintenance and regular service keeps your air conditioner running efficiently and can save you money by preventing the need for expensive repairs and prolonging the life of your system.