Dodrill Heating & Cooling is a local HVAC company located in West Virginia. Dodrill provides services such as HVAC repair, furnace repair & replacement, air conditioning service, heating repair and more. We also provide services to help make your home more energy efficient such as home energy audits and insulation installation. We provide services to many areas in West Virginia such as Saint Albans, Huntington, Charleston and nearby areas.

Contact Details

  City Charleston, WV
  Zip Code 25313
  Address 420A Old Goff Mountain Rd
  Phone Number (304) 776-8094

Customer Testimonials

Good product , good service, very well satisfied.

From the phone rep, to the salesman, to the installers, everything went as planned. excellent service people and the new A/C works better than they said it would!

They are "the best"!! They stand behind their systems 100%. Customer service and warranties can't be beat. "Always feel as if I'm their most important customer."

Excellent service. Excellent company. Completely satisfied with their work.


From Our Website

Are you hesitating to turn on your air conditioner even during the hottest summer day for fear of expensive energy bills? Let Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions help you. At our family-owned company, we believe that home comfort does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Our team is well-versed on the different factors that can improve your home's energy and expense. We're here to help not just to keep your air conditioner and heating unit running optimally but also to make sure you have good insulation, sealing, indoor air quality, and more.

We, at Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions, are proud to serve the local residents and businesses as the trusted expert in all things HVAC! We install, repair, and replace complete HVAC systems that are the right size for your home and save you energy-what a perfect match! This is what makes us different from other contractors. We couple our heating and cooling experience alongside our energy efficiency knowledge to save our customers money and energy. A lifelong resident of West Virginia, Dennis Dodrill has been serving local homeowners since 1979.

We spend a large portion of our day inside of our homes, breathing in the air that is circulated by our HVAC system and through ventilation. With so many contaminants in the air, it is important to ensure that your home's environment is safe for you and your family. At Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions, we provide a variety of air quality products and services to Charleston, WV and beyond so you can breathe cleaner, healthier air at home. When it comes to air filtration systems, you have several types to choose from.

If you're looking for a trusted HVAC service company to help you achieve whole-home comfort, turn to Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions. We are proud to provide homeowners like you with a wide range of effective, environment-friendly, and efficient solutions to ensure the highest level of comfort and energy efficiency in your home. Our focus is not just on heating and air conditioning systems but on every part of the house that contributes to indoor comfort such as ductwork, insulation, ventilation, humidity levels, and more.

At Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions, we are committed to providing complete home comfort solutions. In addition to services for your heating and cooling systems, we can also help with air quality and insulation issues as well as energy savings. With our Charleston HVAC team, you have someone to rely on not just when your heater or AC needs repair, but also when your allergies act up because of dirty ducts, your indoor temperature is fluctuating, or your energy costs are skyrocketing. Backed by over 40 years of experience in the industry, Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions knows that every home has its own unique comfort needs.

While we're fortunate to not have to deal with the subzero temperatures the Midwest experiences in winter, West Virginia still experiences some frigid temperatures. Therefore, it's important that you have a reliable heating system to provide you and your family with comfort and warmth. Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions offers quality heater installation in Charleston. As West Virginia's only Dr. Energy Saver supplier, you can rest assured that we'll recommend the most energy-efficient unit to help you conserve costs.

A broken air conditioner is one of the most obnoxious and frustrating problems you can deal with as a homeowner. Dealing with the heat of summer without the cooling relief of your air conditioner is something many people don't even want to have to think about, so why should finding a reliable and trustworthy Charleston air conditioning repair expert be something that only adds to the stress? At Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions, we make getting the repairs you need easy-all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call, and we bring our experienced technicians to your home to give you the repairs you need.

Your air ducts play a vital role the circulation of air throughout your home. Over time, your ductwork will eventually become dirty from dust accumulation and require professional cleaning. Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions offers duct cleaning services in that aim to keep your HVAC system running free of debris and dust. With a thorough cleaning of your air ducts, you can rest assured that your AC and heating systems will continue to efficiently circulate air throughout your home in Charleston.