Dave and Kelly's Heating and Cooling is dedicated to providing quick, honest service and we value you as a customer. By always treating our customers fairly and offering help, we have become the number one choice for reliable and HVAC services in Independence. We are proud to provide new heating and air installations as well heating and air conditioning repair and services to businesses and homeowners throughout the area over so many years.

Regardless of the heating or cooling services that you require, we guarantee our HVAC work 100%. We will always do the best job possible, we will always come to your home or business as soon as possible and back up our work with our guarantee.

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Products & Services

Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair

Kansas City winters can be pretty harsh and a cold snap is no time to find out that your furnace isn't prepared for winter. Get a jump on the cold months and increase the life of your furnace with a maintenance visit from Dave and Kelly's.

Regular maintenance of your furnace decreases the long-term expenses of heating your home. Costly repairs are avoided and your furnace runs more smoothly and efficiently when it is maintained for peak performance. You'll save money on your monthly bill with an efficient furnace and enjoy better air quality in your home.

Heating and Cooling Installation

Heating and Cooling Installation

Installing a central heating and air system can be a huge step towards making your home and family much more comfortable. In many cases, single-room heating and cooling systems just won't do what you need them to do. In contrast, a central heating and air system uses ducting to evenly and efficiently heat or cool your whole house.

Heating System Maintenance and Repair

Heating System Maintenance and Repair

A properly functioning heating system reduces energy bills, keeps your family warm, and minimizes the risks of gas leaks. Natural gas heating systems are increasingly popular. When they malfunction, they carry a risk of leaking dangerous gases into your home. Some of them are flammable, while others, like carbon monoxide, are odorless and carry potentially fatal health effects. Yearly maintenance by a qualified HVAC technician is the best way to keep your home warm and safe.

Customer Testimonials

Best service ever! Honest, fair and they know what they are doing!!! I called one night last winter at 10:30 pm thinking I could just leave a message so they would get it the next day. Dave answered and when I said I had no heat, Dave said he would come right then and he had my furnace running right away. He said he didn't want me to have to sleep with no heat. Most would not have cared. Today, with temps in the high 90's, when everyone else is more than a week out, they came and fixed my AC. Dave takes care of his customers. They are very fair with charges and are always willing to help. I would trust them with my house key and I know they are giving me sound advice and recommendations. I can recommend without reservation!

Woke up this morning to a very chilly house. Did a brief Google search and found this place. Gave them a call and 2.5 hours later my furnace is back in full working order! I had the pleasure of meeting both Dave and his son Justin, and they are two of the nicest people you'll ever meet! Not only was everything (initial visit, explanation of what's broken, trip to get the part, and removal/install) completed in a very timely manner, they were even prepared to set me up with a couple of electric heating units to keep me warm if the part I needed couldn't be found today! I highly recommend this business - you will not be disappointed.

On a Saturday night, at 10pm, during one of the coldest nights of the year, our furnace went out. By 11pm Dave had the heat back on and my wife and little girl stayed warm. Thanks to Dave for sacrificing his time in keeping my family safe!

We were behind this company's van as we were getting onto 152 HWY from Green Hills Road the day before last. I don't know who was driving, but the man was on his cell phone and was not going very fast so my mother sped up and went to pass him once we had merged onto the highway. The man speed up rapidly as soon as we started to pass and then looked at us as we did pass (still on his phone) gave us a dirty look and then flipped us the bird, for NO apparent reason other than for passing...in a COMPANY van no less. Not sure I would want to do business with a company who acts in such a disrespectful and unprofessional manner.

Fantastic business! Dave is absolutely wonderful. Had an unknown issue with my furnace and he was on time, diagnosed the problem and had us fully up and running within an hour. Will recommend to anyone who needs heating and cooling help :)

I have had a lot of issues with my furnace and air conditioner since I moved into my new house. Dave and Kelly's have been my go to every time. I have a home warrenty and specifically request their services. And when they're unavailable I just call them myself. They're fair, honest, and great people. Ive come across people who know have used them too and have never heard a bad thing to be said. Seriously great people and excellent service.

Super fast & friendly A/C fix!!!!
My Unit stopped blowing cold air yesterday afternoon with a house full of children. I called Dave & Kellys around 7pm expecting a machine like some other places. Dave himself picked up right before they closed & diagnosed the problem over the phone. I called him bright & early this morning to set up an appointment. Once again Dave himself answered. He gave me a courtesy call & was right over. Problem (capacitor blown) was fixed in 20 min. He truly is a friendly, honest man .Highly recommended Thank you!!!!

I had an issue with my furnace and called on Saturday night expecting to get a call on Monday since they aren't open on Sundays but received a call Sunday afternoon and Dave came within the hour. - They are trustworthy, friendly, knowledgable, and efficient. I would recommend Dave and Kelly's to anyone without hesitation. They are honest and are client centered. Call without any fear of being taken advantage of or getting subpar work!


Scheduled Maintenance with Dave & Kelly's Plumbing Heating

Preventative maintenance can save energy and money while enhancing comfort. For example, replacing filters in your air system can speed up the flow of air for greater comfort and at the same time save on energy bills.

Heat Pumps & Energy Savings in Kansas City

Many homeowners can help the environment and save significantly on energy bills by installing a Heat Pump. A Heat Pump replaces conventional air conditioning and can also supply heat in the winter. If you are interested in finding out more about Heat Pumps, you can read the information below and also contact us. We both install and repair Heat Pumps.

Heating Repair in Kansas City

If your heating or air conditioning system is making strange noises or is running weakly or not at all, it may need professional repair. Whether a component needs replacement, air ducts need sealing, or a new air conditioner or furnace would make sense, we will determine the source of the problem and provide you with a solution.