Cool Works Co., is a firm that specializes in the design, installation and servicing of central air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems in NYC. We are more than just an air conditioning and heating firm. Our firm specializes in all kinds of units, from the smallest split systems to rooftops and chillers. We specialize in rebuilding compressors.

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  City New York, NY
  Zip Code 10011
  Address 511 Ave Of The Americas # 1
  Phone Number (718) 232-7000

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We are here to support you, you need not look at your purchasing power before buying any of the heating or cooling appliances. The handling of your big investments will no more be difficult with the passing time once you take a look at our flexible payment options. We want you to experience comfort with convenience. This is only possible if you are tension free while using your appliances. The following options will ease your mind a bit. Take a look. The above mentioned USPs makes the transaction between us fast, simple and smart.

How to Eliminate Indoor Air Pollution The most effective ways to improve your indoor air are to reduce or remove the sources of pollutants and to ventilate with clean outdoor air. The first step is to decide which air filtration product works best for you. Air filtration products prevent pollutants and particles from your home or. It is natural for your air conditioner to make some noise when running-that just means it is working. Though, older units are typically louder than newer ones, all air conditioning noises are not equal.