From a comprehensive line of high-efficiency gas, oil and electric furnaces to a huge array of central air conditioners and heat pumps, you can't go wrong with an Armstrong Air system. Since 1928, Armstrong Air products have been delivering cooling and heating solutions with your requirements in mind. We hope that you can find an Armstrong Air product that will provide you the comfort you will want with you.

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A Pro Series™ system puts you in total control of your home's temperature, efficiency and air quality. COMFORT SYNCŪ A3 Zoning allows personalized performance for up to four different areas in your home. Featuring advanced technology, Omniguard™ coils are better protected for improved performance and durability. Since 1928, Armstrong Air has been the smart choice for homeowners who expect more from their heating and cooling system. Built with durable materials and incorporating brilliant technology throughout, Armstrong Air is not only the brand to trust with your home comfort, it's also the brand more dealers would choose for themselves.

In 1928, Lennox Furnace Company-one of America's leading manufacturing interests-created Armstrong Furnace in Columbus, Ohio. For nearly a century, we've kept ourselves at the forefront of quality, ingenuity and professionalism, creating heating and cooling products that exceed the expectations of customers and HVAC professionals alike. Today, our products are still proudly assembled in the United States under the Allied Air name. Our products are currently assembled in a state-of-the-art facility in Orangeburg, South Carolina, using computer-controlled equipment.

That's because for nearly a century we have been at the forefront of emerging features and quality improvements in the HVAC industry. Every piece of equipment in our lineup is designed to deliver substantial durability, comfort, and energy efficiency, with leading-edge technology and brilliant features throughout. We're committed to continuous improvement, quickly testing and tweaking designs in order to get those ideas from concept through government approval and into our products in less time.

Regular service and maintenance also help keep your warranty in effect. Your dealer is an excellent professional resource to help you keep your system running well, and we encourage you to make the most of him or her. If your system was registered for the extended warranty coverage or you purchased an extended service agreement from your dealer. When an Armstrong Air professional comes to your home for service or maintenance, he or she should offer the following services to help keep your system at its best.

A professionally installed heating and cooling system can come in several different configurations. Typically, a system requires an air conditioner or heat pump outside your home and a furnace or air handler in your home. The Pro Series from Armstrong Air takes control to a whole new level., Featuring Armstrong Air's best-performing heating, cooling, and air quality products, the Pro Series delivers more in every way. More precise temperatures. More control throughout your home. More healthy air.

From EHX to MHT, Armstrong Air has the technologies that make our furnaces and air conditioners stand out. Find out about our commitment to superior engineering, extensive testing and smart thinking.

Professionals choose air handlers from Armstrong Air because of their application flexibility, performance and efficiency. All units are designed for easy installation and are ideal for closets, attics, crawlspaces and basements of all sizes. Every unit delivers Armstrong Air's commitment to quality craftsmanship, energy-efficient performance and long-lasting reliability.

Professionals know how to stay cool when customer demands are high. Armstrong Air gives you that control with precisely engineered HVAC equipment that allows you to build the ideal solution for every home. Pro Series inverter-driven air conditioners and heat pumps are the best example. With the Pro Series, your customers get their environment, their way, every day. Nothing less. Then, there's the even heating and cooling offered by MHT and EHX technology, and that's just the beginning. To make your life easier, Armstrong Air designs every piece of equipment with Precision Service Technology.