Our goal is clear and simple: Provide our customers superior service at a good price, and sell only the most reliable equipment available in the market place. Brown Service Company has been delivering professional service since 1952. We have a comprehensive showroom and parts department that feature all of our products and is staffed with knowledgeable people to answer all your questions.

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  City Fort Worth, TX
  Zip Code 76118
  Address 6340 Baker Boulevard
  Phone Number (817) 284-9204

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Our AC and heating service has been in business since 1952. Since then, Brown Service Company has made it a goal to provide the very best customer service in the electrical and HVAC industry. Our family-owned and operated company offers premier services to the Fort Worth area. We ensure that each employee is more than qualified in their line of work through an extensive screening process. Each year our technicians participate in a continuing education program to ensure they are still up to the highest industry standards.

According to TXU Electric, you should have your system inspected by a professional at least once each year. An inefficient system and a dirty or clogged condenser will cost more to operate. These studies concluded that proper maintenance can increase comfort, lower operating costs, increase system capacity and ensure longer equipment life. Brown Service Company can eliminate money wasting problems with our Peak Performance Service Agreement. You can either renew your PPSA online or you can purchase a NEW PPSA plan for your home HVAC system(s)!

Dealing with broken AC units is not nice, especially during the hot Texas summers. At Brown Service Company, we specialize in all types of air conditioners, and our technicians can inspect and provide maintenance for any part of your air conditioner and heating systems to ensure its running smoothly. We offer the best service at an affordable price and help you save money on your current energy bill. Let the Brown Service Company pros handle the job for you! Brown Service Company has been in business since 1952, and it shows in our quality work and products.

A blown electric fuse box is enough to ruin anyone's day. At Brown Service Company, we believe in providing the best electrical service to our customers. With our company, you'll experience quality workmanship, as well as honesty from every electrician. From residential and commercial electrical repairs to large electrical remodels and recessed lighting, Brown Service Company offers it all. Your electrical panel board is the very heart of your home electric system. When something goes wrong, you could lose your electricity.

Improving the air in your home or office is essential to your health and has become a great focus of our Fort Worth air conditioning and heating company. These particles can cause asthma, allergies, and other health concerns for you and your family. Brown Service Company offers residential and commercial air duct cleaning to help prevent allergens and irritants from polluting your home or office's air. A: First, locate all of your home's vents and clear any furniture, rugs, or other objects out of the area, so they don't get dust on them.

Then, you will be prompted to fill out a form with your personal information needed for the option you chose. Please input your invoice number in the notes portion of the form. After you supply all of the information, hit "continue" and you will be taken to our payment gateway, Paypal!

Sufficient insulation is crucial to protect your home from high energy bills as well as uncomfortable temperatures. Texas heat can significantly increase the temperature of your home. Roofs and walls tend to absorb the heat, forcing the air conditioner to work harder to cool the house. Without proper insulation, unnecessary wear and tear can significantly decrease the life of your AC system as well as raise your energy bills. Insulation puts a barrier between the heat and your home so that it stays cooler naturally.

Brown Service Company has compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions our technicians get about heating, cooling, air ducts, and more. Select from the set of popular questions or browse an entire category. A: Understanding how your air conditioner works will help you know when to call an air conditioner repair man. All air conditioners use heat transference to move energy. AC units circulate pressurized chemical refrigerant through a sealed system of tubes and chambers. One side of the system is highpressure, and the other is low-pressure.