American Heating and Cooling. is a family run and operated local firm with over a 60 year heritage in the Nashville community. Herman Wallace and Mike Parker Both in the HVAC field over three decades and have been owners of American Heating and Cooling for 27 years.

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  City Nashville, TN
  Zip Code 37204
  Address 707 Bradford Avenue
  Phone Number (615) 794-9485

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Our customers can trust us. Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our team maintains their expertise in HVAC products in order to provide our customers with expert knowledge and trust in our company. To meet the needs of our customers, training at American Heating and Cooling is an intensive and on-going process. The end result is that you receive prompt and efficient service at a competitive price. We had them come out to do a heat adjustment and Manny noticed a gas smell that we had apparently gotten used to.

We had them come out to do a heat adjustment and Manny noticed a gas smell that we had apparently gotten used to. A quick evaluation and he discovered a gas leak in our stove. Had he not spoken up and gone above and beyond, we could have been in danger. I'm so grateful he went above and beyond for us! Seriously some of the best service I could have ever asked for! American Heating and Cooling replaced my heating and air system in less than one day. On time and on budget make them a 5 star company.

Your home or office needs high quality-and highly reliable-heat. Don't wait until you feel the chill. Get in touch for a comprehensive maintenance check, repair or system upgrade now and ensure your space stays warm and comfortable, even when the temperature drops. Consistent, quality heating starts with having the right system in place. Our expert team has been installing heaters in the greater Nashville area for decades, and we know the right systems, the right services and the right approach to match any home or commercial space.

You've likely heard the buzz about smart thermostats-intuitive, user-friendly smart thermostats that can help reduce energy costs while maintaining superior climate control around the clock. While most homeowners shift to smart thermostats to save money-upwards of 12% on heating and 15% on cooling-there are countless benefits beyond just the dollars and cents. Because you're using less energy you're simultaneously giving the environment a serious boost every single day. What's more, with learning abilities built into newer models, you can simply "set it and forget it"-tell your thermostat when you prefer certain temperatures and it will automatically ensure it's hitting those temps and times.

But what if there was a way to cut down on the amount of dirt and dust you need to remove from your home or office? What if you could spend less time dusting and sweeping (or less money paying someone else to do it!) Regular air duct cleaning can help you do just that by removing dust and dirt before they circulate throughout the area by air and affect your air quality as well as the appearance of your home or office. The purpose of air ducts is to circulate heated and cooled air throughout the building.