What should you expect your HVAC service technician to do during PM visit? Check system functions, safety controls, and operating sequence. Inspect electrical components and connections and repair/replace or tighten as required. Ensure proper airflow and change dirty air filters. Clean and lubricate motors as required. Examine belts, adjust and align as required.

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  City Bridgeview, IL
  Zip Code 60455
  Address 2550 Braga Dr
  Phone Number (773) 342-3400

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Founded in 1935 as an engineering company and equipment distributor, Air Comfort's mission is to work closely with you to provide a true comfort level for your business with uninterrupted performance and around-the-clock reliability. We only use the highest-quality equipment, installed and serviced by a team of top experts in the mechanical services industry. We can design, build, and install an HVAC system for the way your business and your facility operate. If you have existing plans for a new HVAC system, we can use our plan and spec services to make sure it fits your facility.

Since 1935, Air Comfort has delivered the pinnacle of mechanical design, installation, and maintenance services to the Chicagoland region. By building energy-efficient HVAC systems that can be counted on in the heat of summer and the dead of winter, our services are an essential part of keeping your staff and customers comfortable. Air Comfort professionals are the HVAC experts in Chicago because, with a full in-house team and decades of experience, we have a proven track record of services businesses can rely on.

Regular preventative maintenance ensures your HVAC system remains operating as efficiently as possible while avoiding preventable issues in the long run. Unforeseen maintenance fees can have a disastrous effect on your budget and cause a drastic overhaul of your current HVAC system. At Air Comfort, our preventative maintenance contracts are designed to protect your organization and solve your HVAC problems by prioritizing the optimal performance of your HVAC infrastructure. At Air Comfort, we pride ourselves on having the breadth and depth of experience to work on Chicagoland HVAC systems of just about any make or model, even if we didn't install them.

Applied Equippment - Applied equipment, the HVAC hardware you use every day to maintain proper internal air quality and temperature standards, is in no better hands than with Air Comfort. We are the premier service group in the Chicagoland area because our factory-trained technicians cover every stage of your equipment lifecycle. From initial design and installation to ongoing maintenance, we're always available to offer support. Our full-time applied equipment support staff is always available to ensure that your facility's temperature and air quality are appropriate for your space.

When something goes "bump" in the night, are you prepared? If it's your HVAC system, you might be in trouble! Finding a solution at any hour isn't as difficult as it seems when you work with Air Comfort. Our team of experienced problem solvers provides comprehensive 24/7 emergency Chicagoland HVAC support. In four hours or less, one of our skilled field technicians will provide the care you never thought you could find at 4 a.m. Not all commercial/industrial HVAC service providers can be counted on when your system fails you-luckily, Air Comfort can.

Finding an HVAC system that works within your space comes down to the quality of your chosen provider. Air Comfort offers up-to-date HVAC maintenance and retrofitting services to combat outdated technology and inject new life into your current HVAC system. Using an old system doesn't always mean you need to replace it-sometimes you just need some regular maintenance to get the most from your current HVAC system. Our Chicagoland HVAC maintenance services optimize your system to maximize its efficiency.

Air Comfort's problem solvers design customized HVAC systems that ensure proper make-up air is coming into your building. Controlling your air quality is crucial for the health and safety of your employees and visitors and the long-term functionality of your HVAC system. Poor circulation can cause harmful air quality issues-don't let a fixable problem put your team's health at risk. Customer service from the provider? Up-to-date solutions to continuous problems? Air Comfort offers comprehensive Chicagoland HVAC service to maintain your indoor air quality through full-service installation, maintenance, and emergency repair solutions.